Alli & Jarrett

Jarrett and I met in college at Oklahoma State.  We had the same group of friends, and would see each other quite regularly.  Jarrett started to take me out to dinner, he would go to the library with me to work on homework.  He would take me to look at baby pigs (more about this later in the story) and even sent me flowers a couple of times.  Obviously, I was unaware of the fact that Jarrett was trying to hint something to me, and I thought he was just being a sweet friend.  It turns out there was much more to all of those nice gestures, and once he told me how he felt about me the rest is history.  Our lives now consist of living in a small town in western Oklahoma where Jarrett is an agricultural education teacher and I work in underage alcohol and prescription drug prevention.  Now is were the pig part comes in...  I grew up with horses, but Jarrett raises show pigs and that was a whole new world to me.  Now these pigs consume our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I always tell people it's like having 50 puppies to play with and who wouldn't want that, right?  I can't wait to marry my better half and live this crazy life together.