Megan & Matthew

We had planned a trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley around the end of April.  We had talked about getting engaged, but of course money is always tight, and we knew we were going to be together, an engagement is just a technicality.  We had talked about him saving money and perhaps proposing in November when we visited my family in New Jersey for the holidays.  So, we are on our way to San Fran and Napa Valley.  We had made reservations to tour the Castello di Amarosa ( a real live Castel in northern Napa: Great Hall, Moat, and Torture Chamber included).  After the winery tour, we did a tasting.  A gentleman came in and announced to our tour group that they had done a random drawing for a special extra mini tour of the Royal Apartments and North Tower.  To my surprise, Matthew was the winner!  So after our tasting, we did go to tour the apartments.  When we were on the landing to the top of the tower, our guide said "oops!  I forgot my iPad to take a picture of our winners and post it on social media.  I'll be right back, you guys go ahead and go up to enjoy the view?"  So of course, I was the first on up the ladder.  As I looked to my right, there was a table, 2 chairs, a cheese plate and a bottle of wine with 2 glasses.  I looked at Matthew and said, you did this with a cheesy smile on my face.

We walked over to the table and he started to get a little nervous, asking if I was sure that I wanted to be with him the rest of my life.  I said yes, of course I wanted to be with him (he asked me this question about 3 times by the way).  I was making side darts with my eyes to see if there was a ring in one of the wine glasses too.  He finally dropped to one knee and asked, "Well, I just have one more question, Will you Marry Me?".  I said yes!

It was a fairytale proposal on the top of the highest tower in a castle in the middle of beautiful Napa Valley.  Not a proposal to ever forget....