Rachel & Michael

Michael and I met my senior year of high school.  I was a cheerleader coming to meet all the football players at the beginning of the year.  Michael was a freshman meeting everyone, as well.  We met and I didn't give it a second thought.  As the years passed we kept running into each other at different events or social gatherings.  Michael and his friend Blake would always come talk to me and my friends, trying to convince us to go drive around with them or do whatever they had planned.  After many "no's", one night I decided why not and said "yes".  We drove around for hours just listening to music and talking.  This night, October 6, 2013, was the night we had our first kiss, which began our relationship.  December 4, 2016 we planned a dinner in Oklahoma City with my parents and best friend to celebrate my mom's birthday.  After an amazing dinner, we walked around brick town looking at the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.  We made our way to a building that had a huge red ornament in front of it.  After stopping to take a few pictures in front of it, I of course being a girl, had to look at them to make sure no more needed to be taken.  As I'm looking through them on my phone with my mom, I thought some were a little dark.  I turned to say let's take a few more, as I turned around to face Michael and tell him, there he was down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring.  A huge smile immediately came across my face.  This was what I had been waiting for since we kissed that first night.  The words "Rachel will you marry me?"  shakily came out of his mouth.  I of course said yes and kissed my new fiancé.  I couldn't stop smiling.  From that night until now I have had so much fun planning the best day of to marry my best friend.