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Benefits of Corporate Retreats


It’s a scientific fact that nature increases a tranquil learning environment and can enhance productivity and creativity.


Rewarding your team on a job well done, establishing an annual departmental gathering, or simply taking your typical weekly meeting outside the office, provides a healthy option for you and your colleagues to escape from their daily work environment and get outdoors.

Tatanka Ranch hosts corporate retreats, company picnics, Christmas parties, day meetings, and departmental workshops throughout the year. Our staff is experienced in providing our customers with everything they need for their event. From meeting spaces, whiteboard, projector, and wifi access, cozy accommodations, delicious catering options and numerous outdoor and indoor activities, all available for you to utilize during your event.

We’ve created a few points to consider when thinking about planning a corporate retreat for your next event.

Get Connected

Gone through some leadership changes in the office? Need to reestablish your departments’ mentality? Create an activity to get you and your team moving. Work together through an obstacle course, a round of disc golf, or a scavenger hunt are a few activities companies’ have participated in at Tatanka Ranch to promote teamwork and togetherness. Removing the hectic work environment and replacing it with a team building activity, allows employees to work together and reestablish their trust in one another.

New Perspectives, Enhancing Creativity

Ever felt like you were in a creative rut? Been stuck trying to solve a problem you can’t seem to figure out at work? Chances are your employees have too! Daily office routines and stuffy work environment can be dull. The outdoors makes for a great ‘office space ‘. Fresh air, beautiful views, and calming sounds can enhance your employees’ productivity and creativity. It’s been proven nature can help reduce stress and people have found inspiration by taking the time to stop and re-balance their mindset.

Reestablish Objectives

Have a big announcement? Need help creating new and innovative ideas for your business? Gather around a bonfire to bounce ideas off each other or announce the exciting news! Set up a picnic outdoors to remove the distractions of phones and emails for your weekly meeting. Corporate retreats allow your employees to relax, enhancing unity within their team and with each other. As Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Location is Key

Have a large team? Or have multiple offices in different cities? Find a location that’s convenient for everyone. Make sure your location has the extra necessities you need. Located on 1000 acers of pristine Oklahoma countryside, Tatanka Ranch is located halfway between Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and only a short drive to Stillwater. All locations are less than an hour to get to from the Ranch. Have any out-of-towners? Tatanka Ranch has ten cabins and two houses that can easily accommodate up to 50 people comfortably for overnight guests, and ideal for those corporate retreats wanting to stretch across a few days.

Tatanka Ranch is a one-stop shop for all your corporate event needs. From strategic planning, team building, organization presentations, to departmental workshops, let Tatanka Ranch create the corporate getaway you and your company deserves.

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